Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Evans:
Favorite places to shop: Target, Marshalls, Michaels, Amazon
Favorite restaurants: Local Beaver spots, Texas Roadhouse, Starbucks
Hobbies / Interests: coffee, crafting, home projects, pets
Classroom needs / wants: Playdoh, puzzles for rainy days, Legos/building materials, craft supplies of any kind


Mrs. Guzie: 
Favorite places to shop: Amazon, Target
Favorite restaurants: Crave, Sprouts, Waffles Inc.
Hobbies / Interests: Knitting & Crochet / Musicals & The Arts
Classroom wants / needs: Your child’s favorite picture book, Cardstock (White and Bright Colored), Gallon Ziploc Bags, Playdoh toys, anything on the Classroom Amazon Wishlist


Ms. Hullihen:
Favorite places to shop: Target, Bath and Body Works, Amazon, Barnes and Noble
Favorite restaurants: Don’s Deli, ZPub, Chick fil A
Hobbies / Interests: read, travel, music
Classroom wants / needs: board games, TPT gift certificate, fun art supplies for art center, fine motor centers


Mrs. Keller:
Favorite places to shop: Target, Amazon
Favorite restaurants: Mario’s Dockside, Crave, Sprouts
Hobbies / Interests: Baking/Cooking, Kayaking
Classroom wants / needs: Cardstock (White and Bright Colored), Sharpies, puzzles, board games, building materials, playdough and playdough toys, Ziploc bags, coloring books


Mrs. Morgan:
Favorite places to shop: Home Goods, Kirklands, Amazon, Michaels, Wildwood Boutique, Hobby Lobby
Favorite restaurants: Sproutz, Buffalo Wild Wings
Classroom wants / needs: Pet supplies for Titan: UV heat light 75 watt, 75 watt infrared light, reptile bark


Mrs. O’Neill:
Favorite places to shop: Anything local!!! Beavtown, Wildwood
Favorite restaurants: Beaver Bagel , Mario’s, Ladybird’s Luncheonette, anything local!
Hobbies / Interests: Swimming, reading, hiking, National Parks, and teaching!!!
Classroom wants / needs: Smelly markers, lots of play-doh, decks of cards, dominos, Legos, puzzles


Mrs. York:
Favorite places to shop: Amazon, Target, Teachers Pay Teachers
Favorite restaurants: Back Door Tavern, Vic’s Oven, Mario’s Dockside, El Paso, Bowsers
Hobbies / Interests: Coffee, crafting, reading, puzzles, pets
Classroom wants/needs:


Mrs. Zachewicz:
Favorite places to shop: Marshalls, Target, Amazon
Favorite restaurants: Chipotle, El Paso, Texas Roadhouse
Hobbies / Interests: Crafting, wood working
Classroom wants / needs: Creation station materials (colored pencils, markers, etc.)
Other ideas or suggestions: I love receiving holiday themed books for the classroom! I also love books about manners and kindness.