Learning Support, Staff, Teaching Assistants

Learning Support

Mrs. Appel:
Favorite place to shop: Amazon
Favorite restaurants: Chipotle, El Paso, Don’s Deli, Sproutz,
Hobbies / Interests: Anything active and outdoors…especially things I can do with my dog 🙂
Classroom wants / needs: Books that show diversity in any capacity, toys that reflect diverse students, paper towels, Clorox wipes

Mrs. Eckels
Favorite places to shop: Amazon; Target
Favorite restaurants: Don’s Deli; Kretchmar’s
Classroom wants / needs: Teachers Pay Teachers gift card; Games

Mrs. Gallagher

Favorite places to shop: Kretchmar’s Bakery and Beaver Super
Favorite restaurants: Mario’s Woodfired and Sproutz
Hobbies / Interests: walking, cooking, gardening
Classroom wants / needs: Barbie and Ken clothing and accessories, Matchbox cars

Mrs. Mohr
Favorite places to shop: Amazon, Target, Teachers Pay Teachers
Favorite restaurants: I like them all 🙂
Hobbies / Interests: crafts, being outside, reading, family time
Classroom wants / needs: I would love more classroom sets of books, I love to do author studies with my kids!

Mrs. Marion
Personal gift ideas: candy/snacks
Favorite restaurant: local restaurants
Hobbies / Interests: gardening, beekeeping, hiking
Classroom wants / needs: picture books, holiday themed picture books, fun stickers


Mrs. Payne

Favorite places to shop: Target, Amazon
Favorite restaurants: Starbucks, Panera
Hobbies/Interest: crafting, reading, games or movies to watch with my family
Classroom wants / needs: cardstock, astrobright paper, prizes for students to earn


Mrs. Druschel
Favorite places to shop: Amazon, Target
Favorite restaurant: Starbucks

School Counselor
Mr. Staszewski
Favorite place to shop: Barnes & Noble
Favorite restaurant: Moe’s
Hobbies / Interests: Reading
Classroom wants / needs: Amazon gift card

Teaching Assistants
Mrs. Gido
Favorite places to shop: Walmart, Target, Giant Eagle
Favorite restaurants: Beaver Bagel, Yama, Sproutz
Hobbies / Interests: Crafting , photography, baking
Other ideas or suggestions: Candles (food scents), Bath and Body works, I love cats and my dog ❤️

Mrs. Peabody
Favorite places to shop: Amazon, Target
Favorite restaurants: Texas Roadhouse, Applebees
Other ideas or suggestions: chocolate and bubble gum, Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards

Mrs. Vollmer
Favorite places to shop: Amazon, Boscov, WalMart
Favorite restaurants: Berts, any place in Beaver
Hobbies / Interests: Spending time with Grandchildren
Classroom wants / needs: Construction paper. Books for 1st grade level.
Other ideas or suggestions: Bracelets, candles, Bath and Body, Recipe, Nick Knacks, anything from the ❤️

Mrs. Curtaccio
Favorite places to shop: Target
Favorite restaurants: Beaver Bagel and Starbucks
Hobbies/Interests: reading books and watching movies with my family